Private Piano Lessons in Toronto FOR PRESCHOOL, YOUTH, ADULTS - testimonials

Andrew (Gr. 3 student): “Signature Music Studio is a friendly place to learn piano. Judith’s way of teaching is very fun and efficient.”

Louis Choquette (Adult student): “Learning to play the piano with Judith has been a most rewarding experience. She balances her professionalism, with passion for music, and her great sense of humour in lessons that benefit the novice just as much as the expert learner. She is very attentive to the individual learning needs and inspires her students to reach their full potential on the instrument. ”

Mike (Adult Student): “I have been very fortunate to take lessons with Judith deHaney. Her approach is filled with joy and love of music. She also has a direct lineage to the history of piano playing, which for technique and playing qualities is a huge asset. As an older student I found that she was able to shed some incorrect habits very quickly. If you really want to learn how to play the piano, call Judith now.”

Margaret (Gr.4 student): “Judith is a friendly and considerate teacher that teaches with a positive attitude! This is very vital in order to enjoy piano!”

Vincent (Gr.8 student): “I enjoy taking classes with Judith. She is able to incorporate the technical and theoretical aspects of music. I started playing the piano when I was 18 years old and I’ve found the experience very rewarding. Playing is a great way of expressing yourself and releasing tension arising from schoolwork and daily life. The piano is my favourite instrument because it has a broad range of tones and allows you to explore different genres.”

Maya and Anika (Gr.3 and Gr. 1 students): “Judith is kind and SO fun, but she also makes us play properly! And she always gives us stickers!!”

“Carolyn (just a mom!): “When we attended our first end-of-year “Piano Party” celebration we knew that we had found a very special teacher indeed. Her students range from little ones bravely playing to their first audience to teenage boys playing their favourite popular songs arranged by Judith for the piano! (All technically perfect I might add). Every student was awarded a certificate highlighting their progress over the year and every year Judith publishes a collection of music composed by the students themselves! The students take the collection home with a loot bag of goodies! Consider yourself so fortunate to have Judith teach your children.”

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