Summer Lesson Package

Picture this  – summer has arrived and the students scatter like “flies” from the studio in search of other pursuits.  While this scenario is common and healthy (students need a mental break from the usual school year activities), in regards to learning a skill it can actually back – fire come September.  Your young ones may come back not remembering where middle C is (well, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad but still, a lot of amnesia does kick in!)

Whether it’s getting a “head start” on a new level, exploring composition, fine–tuning a certain technique, exploring repertoire you always wanted to do, doing maintenance work on your current skills or other musical pursuits, our Package makes that all possible!

To make summer lessons more appealing while still remaining flexible for the average family’s busy lifestyle, the studio offers 3 different “packages” according to the student’s availability.∗



This is for those who are quite busy but still want to fit in a few lessons before September.


Students who have a little more time on their hands may find this package more appealing.

STAYING A WHILE  (8 lessons)

This is for those who still want to make piano lessons a regular part of their weekly routine.

Choosing any package will bring your child one step ahead of the game this September!

∗All packages are offered from July – August.

Lesson dates are subject to studio availability.

∗Summer schedule is Monday –Thursday.