PreSchool & Youth

Lessons for the student 4 – 5 years of age requires a unique approach. Children at this age are naturally curious about musical sounds and love to move their bodies to what they hear! As a result the lessons involve engagement at the piano, movement, playing with percussive instruments and listening to CDs, while learning basic musical concepts. The method books used are geared towards the pre – reading age and we even explore composition! Parents are encouraged to sit in on the lessons to allow for easier practice at home. It is not unusual for some Moms and Dads to be a part of our movement activities!

Now offering WUNDERKEYS

What happens when a mouse, a pig, a panda, an elephant and a raccoon meet? A whole lot of fun!!! Wunderkeys is a unique programme geared specifically towards children 3.5 to 5 years of age. They will get a head start in music , math and life while learning basic musical concepts through movement, singing, playing, and much more:

– Lessons are 30 min. and one-on-one
– 4 trial Lessons (Keyboard is not required during this time)
– Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons to help with follow up at home

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